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Enjoy these conversations with creators in comics, science fiction, mystery, crime fiction, paranormal romance, etc. We discuss their art, life and wander into some politics. Goto the menu to see the and check out novels and comic rack. 


cannon busters review

Father and Son review of Cannon Busters by LeSean Thomas. We're both anime fans. Get ready for tons of comparisons and sidebars. Enjoy.

anime debut exclusive

Listen as a new anime studio is being born. Paul Louise-Julie of MidasMonkee.com share exclusives. We talk anime premiere and a graphic novel relaunch. We talk about the egyptian werewolves comic series The Pack. Also the space opera, Yohance The Ekangeni Crystal. #spaceopera


Four wonderful superheros titles in one Kickstarter campaign. I had an amazing conversation with two men from the Konkret Comics team, Onaji Rouse and Lonzo Starr. Enjoy the conversation, join the Kickstarter, i did. The campaign ends August 25th.

when poets make comics

Ep. 93 - Antoine "Ghost" Mitchell in an artist. He is a poet. Those two personalities came together in SANKOFA'S EYMBRACE Act 1 No. 1. Listen as we talk about the comic's story, the production of the books, his favorite video games, favorite superhero movies, ranking the X-Men movies, etc.

Young Lions of Manga

Ep. 92 - Saturday-PM is the mature manga titles of Saturday-AM. We talk with CEO Frederick Jones and some new talent. Manga books with MMA themes, X-Files inspired and Villain headliners. We interview four young manga creators about their new titles and advice for aspiring manga creators.

Gundams Powered by Orishas!

Ep. 91 - Dynamo Azaan- Protector of Hermopolis is a gundam powered by Orisha (West African gods). Created and written by Roosevelt Pitt. Another wonder graphic novel (60+pgs) you can help bring to life. Kickstarter campaign ends Tue, July 16 2019 10:10 AM EDT. So hurry, Family!

How to Get to Issue 100

Seems like Black indie comics are going through a phase of one shots. For this movement to be sustainable, you need multiple issues for character arches and world building. Listen as I give suggestions for how you can get your comicbook property to issue 100.

My guest are Newton Lilavious of DreamFury.com, Frederick Jones of Saturday-AM.com and Derante Avaloy of Avaloy Studios.

Are You Ready to Crowdfund Your Comicbook?

Let's help you with this question. We're here from a consultant who runs crowdfunding campaigns and three comicbook creators who ran successful Kickstarter. If you’re looking for easy answer, there are none, yet you can learn from these folks experience. Thanks to my guests: Karama Horne, David Crownson, Matthew Jones and Newton Lilavious.

Healing with Art

Art therapy is a powerful tool that Professor Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T. (Chicago) has used with measurable results. We talk the importance of Black men and community volunteers in the public schools.
Prof. Turtel Onli announces the original Black Age of Comics convention starts again in September.

Making Finding Artists Easier

I’ve talked to alot of comic creators. Finding Artists is a reoccurring them. Its not always easy. In this episode, I’ll play some clip to give you the short version of what you’re up against when looking for a new illustrator for your comicbook property.
If you’re having this problem, you’re in good company. Listen to my shows, reach out to the guests like Matthew Jones @akachijones , Jamal Petterson @TheInkThinker or Kamara Horn @TheBlerdGurl and ask them for advise. Some of my guest offer professional services, hire them. Check out my Youtube for Comicbook reviews for artists and writers.

Canvas: A Hero's Animated Journey

ep. 86 - Bay area, writer and director Frank Abney III is creating a wonder short film called "Canvas". Listen to this short interview about the film and vision behind it.

Support the campaign. I did.

Black Arts Renaissance for Voiceover

ep. 85 - 99% of the comicbook creators I talk to want an anime of their property. That means opportunity for voiceover. Andrea Daniel is a great voiceover talent. She shares her experience in the industry. We explore some of the nuances of the Black voice and other VO sidebars.

Dyslexia vs Comicbooks.
Comics 1, Dyslexia 0

ep. 84 - This episode is for parents, aunts and uncles with kids who have a hard time reading. Comicbooks can ease the difficulty of reading. I'll share about my dyslexic challenges and how comics helped. I'm doing IT infrastructure, writing novels and podcasting... plus raised wonderful children (with the Ex) so I'm doing something right.
Pardon the bumps on the microphone and fiddling with the cables, didn't realize how nervous I was, till I listened to this show. Anyway, hope this helps someone. Enjoy book sources below:

Politics and Science Fiction

ep. 83 - We talk politics and his science fiction novels. You’ll hear about the earliest known sci-fi from African authors in the West. From his site: Minister Faust is a novelist, print/radio/television journalist, blogger, sketch comedy writer, video game writer, playwright, and poet. He also taught high school and junior high English literature and composition for a decade.

atl Anime & film powerhouse

Ep. 82 - Deranta Avaloy runs Avaloy Studios, a content creation company thats cranking out epic animation and film properties. Deranta share some of his journey and makes some big announcements. Listen to the business lessons learned and the big wins.

<< The After Party (the Obama’s after the Whitehouse) animation coming soon!


Manga by creators the world over

Ep. 81 - We have the foundering members of Saturday-AM to discuss manga and the 100th issue of their magazine. Guesting are Saturday AM's creator/owners nee' Odunze Oguguo (Whyt Manga), Raymond Brown, Frederick L. Jones and Andrea Voros. You will learn about some great manga to read and how its created. You can get pdfs and print!

Black Age of Comics founder, Art Therapist, organizer

Ep 80 - Prof. Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T., the father of the Black Age of Comics guests. He share how he started organizing artists, world travel, possibly having concepts stolen by movie corps and becoming the founding father of Black comicbook conventions.

paranormal romance author

Ep 79 - LESLYE PENELOPE fantasy, sci-fi novelist, writer of Song of Blood and Stone guests on JohnathanSoul.com. She shares about her writing career, influences and inspiration of Song of Blood and Stone. Originally recorded in 2016. Enjoy.

Have Ax, will Travel

Ep. 78 - Traveling through southern US in 1850 with an ax and bounty hunters after him. The Maroon comic by Derek Lipscomb is a nail biter every issue. Hear the author, illustrator, publisher talk about the character and his process of creating the Maroon universe. A lot of bad people get an ax in the face. Wonderful. (mature themes)

black comics business history class

Ep. 77 - This for the comicbook creators, I want you to benefit from the lessons from the 1990s Black Comics Renaissance. Guests are Dawud Anyabwile (Brotherman comics) and Roosevelt Pitts, Jr (Purge comics). Collectively their titles have sold more than a million copies. (Originally recorded in 2017.) You’ll want to learn from mistakes and celebrate the victories.

werewolves in zombieland

Ep. 76 - Matthew Jones (mechatronics engineering) creates VOID BEAST. A manga about werewolves with superpowers, zombies and adventure. Matt talks the Void Beast universe, building a team to create to book. We also talk favorite horror films, family. Support this brother. I did the $25 level, you can get in where you fit in. Listen then go to Kickstarter and pledge.

Advice for Voice Over Artists

Ep. 75 - Earl Hall is a full voice over artist, coach and published author. The growing voice over industry is more accessible than ever before. Earl talks the business side of the industry. We talk everything from mics to social media marketing. Animation, gaming, elearning are all touched by voice over. #voiceover #voice #actor #studio

Ladies, Mysteries & Ghosts

Attention all writers and fans, learn how first time author of over 20 novels. Lynn Emery writes mysteries, romantic thrillers. Wonderful interview, learn from her experiences. She is an earlier adopter of technology, done contract work and indie publishing. You’ll learn alot, trust me. (originally recorded in Dec 2016. Recovered from my coffee destroyed MacBook Air)


Endigo Society the Golden Age is a manga about a 16 yr old girl with spiritual powers. The powers she is discovering and it also makes her a vulnerable to other creatures. Norwich Robinson, creator and writer of the manga talks with Johnathan Soul about the characters and the business of bringing them to life in manga and apparel.

Engineer creates action comic

Naseed Gifted, creator and writer of P.B.Soldier is a two-time Glyph Comic Awards and Urban Action Showcase nominee, an educator, engineer and writer. Naseed shares the process of comic creation, the creative and business side and how comics care be used in education.

Politics in Comics, Marvel, DC & Black indie comics

I'll show you some of the politics in white owned comics (like DC, Marvel) over the years and what we are working on in Black indie comics. Below are the comics mentioned and where you can get them for you or your kids, nephews, nieces and cousins. Most come in digital and print. See buttons below for the comics. [ sorry for low sound volume, testing new software ] 

#politics #socialjustice

Are Churches a Business?

J WATTS PODCAST ep. 2 -- Brothers in @J_Watts82 circle are questioning Christianity. J Watts was raised in the church, but never lost his questioning mind. In this podcast, he talks with his cousin @JohnathanSoul about Christianity's contradictions and the business side of the Church.

J Watts is CEO of chainentertainment.com check of artists


Universal Basic Income

Futurist, essayist, author Thaddeus Howze explores the idea of Universal Basic Income. What it is? How could ubi be implemented? What would be the social impacts? This is the future (ask Elon Musk) and we're talking about it and related ideas.

This Brother Publishes Manga!!!

Saturday-AM.com founder, Frederick L. Jones talks the growth of manga vs American comics, and the business side of manga. Fred really drops some serious knowledge for manga artists, fans and entrepreneurs.

Wesley snipes & Ray norman write scifi

Ep. 68 - Talon of God, a supernatural thriller written by Ray Norman and Wesley Snipes. Ray Norman guests on the podcast. He details his writing career from ghost writing, stage plays to sci-fi. How he met Wesley and more. #scifi #novel #fantasy #spiritual #supernatural #thriller

Animation & storyboarding services from Zimbabwe, Con Exposed comic con

Ep. 67 - Zimbabwean entrepreneur animator, Eugene Ramirez Mapondera, talks life after November coup in Zimbabwe, his animation studio, storyboarding for film, the comic con he created (Con Exposed) and other topics. A great conversation. 

Kickstarting a las vegas Ninja!

Danny J Quick, the entrepreneur and comicbook creator brings us AceBlade the Vegas Vigilante. We talk about his Kickstarter for his 100 page graphic novel, May 5th 2018! Listen, then donate!

Get AceBlade #1 for free with promo code SOUL. Until May 31, 2018!


Help Marketing Your Sci-Fi projects, comics or kickstarter campaign

Ep. 66 - Karama Horne (The Blerd Gurl) is sharing her success strategies for creatives. Get your great comics and sci-fi novels in front of the right people, increase sales. We also talk Black Panther movie, comics industry politics and more! 

Illustrator for Hire

Ep. 65 (Freelancer series - Illustrators) "Bash" Obaseun Ogunyeke has a great manga style and fast turnaround times. Bash, has clients in his home country of Nigeria, UK and US. He wants to work with you. Also.. we talk Black Panther movie and do the M'Baku challenge. Listen. 

I got zombies in Atlanta

Brandon Massey guests on JohnathanSoul.com to talk Atlanta, a little politics (Trump supporters in the ATL) and Frenzied, his suspense thriller novel.

the Futurist

Thaddeus Howze is a great guest, had a wonderful time talking to the brother. He's an intellectual, futurist and author with a ton of content on thowze.carrd.co/ and on social media @ebonstorm.We talk how fiction change heal our non-fiction. We even talk about how to get past the Killmonger kind of anger and start building.

#futurism #news #politics #culture #futurist #Killmonger #essayist

Super Sista!

Great interview with comic creator Onaji (Oh-Nah-Gee) Rouse of Obsolete Studios. He describes his experience creating his first comic and Kickstarter. He also shares about outsourcing talent, life in Atlanta and some info about Black Panther movie I didn't know. Enjoy.

I'm recording an audiobook version of Malcolm Mars, by sci-fi novel. Here's some of the equipment I'm using. Good video for podcasters too. Suggestions for audiobook narrators and podcasters. #audiobooks #narrators #podcasters #tutorial #howTos


Danny Quick is a renaissance man, he's a teacher, lecturer, musician, writer and now comic book creator. Join me in a conversation with DJ Quick about AceBlade, an action adventure ninja style comic, you'll really dig.

#comics #actioncomis #fighting #ninjas #swords

Tools for Life through Cosplay

Cosplayer, "Shelia", shares her adventures in cosplay, from inspiring children to stalkers. She also goes technical, talking about how she got started and the tools of her trade. 

#cosplay #costumes 

Zombies, Magic & Motorcycles!

Ep. 59 - Mr. Lilavois gives us Dream Fury Presents: Crescent City Monsters. An Action horror webcomic about a man whose life and family is stolen from him and the horrifying things and monsters he must face to claim his life back.

Writer .... Newton Lilavois. Artist .... Gian Carlo Bernal

#zombies #magic #grunch #voodoo #voodun

Science Fiction novel

Ep. 58 - Gerald L. Coleman is a Philosopher, Theologian, Poet, and Author who resides in Atlanta. He appears on JohnathanSoul.com to talk about his science fiction fantasy series "When Night Falls".

We talk book production, writing, editing, finding cover artists, book promotion, etc. This episode is for creators and fans who want to know 'how the soup is made'. Gerald emphasizes the importance of community of writers.

#sci-fi #fantasy #epic #lotr

dieselfunk comics

MATTY'S ROCKET -- Tim Fielder took a Mississippi aesthetic and a Flash Gordon vibration. Matty Watty is a space fairing adventurer and its and emotional journey. Adults and teens would appreciate this drama, fantasy and some scary scenes. Here's where to buy the graphic novel or floppies. 

#Mattys #Rocket #afrofuturism #women #steampunk #space

adult action comic

Vegas Baby is action comic for adults by CR Ward. Listen as he shares the comics origin, a successfully Kickstarter experience and why he hopes American comics industry evolves to an Japan manga style economy.

#action #technology #fighting #mature

erotic thriller novel

Great conversation with novelist, Dionne Walters, author of the erotic thriller THE VACATION LODGE. This UK based novelist shares how she got started, her writing ritual and other personal stories.

#romance #fantasy #female