Science fiction

Ep. 25 - Wednesday ReWind. Originally recorded November 2016 - Sci-Fi author of Order of the Seers, Cerece Rennie Murphy, talks a little Trump, life as a sci-fi writer, New York Comic Con stories and now she's building a platform for sci-fi fans and content creators. Groovy conversation.

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horror, magic, supernatural

Ep. 24 - Supernatural, horror, action comic SUMMONS was created by Chris Williams. His art style is reminiscent of Todd McFarlene (Spawn), his writing style is efficient and effective. Demon slayers, werewolves and hunters are throughout this comic. Listen to the origin of this exciting book and the philosophy behind it. Listen.

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milestone insider, static shock

Ep. 23 – Creator of Static Shock and co-founder of Milestone Media, Michael Davis is iconic in African American comics, art and business. Great conversation on how the industry really works and how he helps people succeed in it. This is one of those epic conversations that will make you laugh and think. Listen.

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