space opera, afrofuturism

Sci-Fi graphic novel about last survivors on an alien invasion. This adventure takes place on the planet Alkebulan. Afrofuturism fans, sci-fi fans will love this action adventure comicbook series. Good for kids and adults. Listen to Kelvin Gumbs creator, author, illustrator.

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commentary on film & comics

Martin Reese, an engineer by trade, reviews sci-fi and comics from the African diaspora. He is also a screen writer, movie maker and visionary. Listen as we talk Star Wars, Black Panther and Black indie creators. We also discus his novel Mulogo and His Quintuple of Trouble.

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paranormal romance

Sin Eaters series is a horror romance series from Kai Leakes. Listen as we discuss her novels, how she got started as a writer and our fav romantic movies. Originally aired Jan 2017

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