expats + online business

YoungBlackExpats.com Mitch & Donna join Johnathan Soul and share how they met (they'll make you believe in soulmates), how they got into online businesses and living abroad.

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science fiction

Sci-Fi writer CE Allan, best selling author discussion his novel "The Ancient Ones: Prophesy of the Ilat". CE is familiar with Zecharia Sitchin's work and Hallow Earth theory inspires this work. We also talk Trump, living abroad and the writing process.

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feel good comics

Ep. 21 - Jacques Nyemb - NotSoSuperComics.com - comics that create conversations. He is a unique comicbook creator. You will find a love and fascination with humanity. If I said (which I did) a hippie created his comics, I wouldn't be too far off. He stories are engaging, his art team is top notch. NOTE: includes one story about a gay character. Original broadcast date Sunday May 28, 2017

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