harriet tubman demon slayer

Ep. 22 – Creator of Harriet Tubman Demon Slayer. David Crownson talks bout popular comic property, his acting career and pulling together the people and resource to produces this comic property. There's a jewel in this conversation is his audition for a role in Star Wars.

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Wednesday Rewind –– John Jennings, college professor and fine artist, talks Afrofuturism, his graphic novels and the comic cons he has organized. We discuss to purpose of art for a People under Siege (my characterization, not his) and the cinematic versions of Luke Cage and X-Men. (original recording October 2016). We also talk about his comics Blue Hand Mojo and Kid Code.

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i am a broadcaster

I went from broadcasting feel good cautionary talks to Israel's war against Palestine to Black comics.. What? Its an interesting story. Here's the ten minute version. Check my science fiction novel on amazon "Malcolm Mars".