We talk to comicbook creators and fiction writers from the African diapora EVERY SUNDAY. We talk business and life (and sometimes politics).


Down South + Flash Gordon = DieselFunk 

Ep. 57 -- Tim Fielder took a Mississippi aesthetic and a Flash Gordon vibration. Matty Watty is a space fairing adventurer and its and emotional journey. Adults and teens would appreciate this drama, fantasy and some scary scenes. Here's where to buy the graphic novel or floppies... www.dieselfunk.com/

Adult Action Comics 

Ep. 56 –– Vegas Baby is action comic for adults by CR Ward. Listen as he shares the comics origin, a successfully Kickstarter experience and why he hopes American comics industry evolves to an Japan manga style economy.

Best of clips from 2017 

Here's you'll find out how this artist think about politics and culture. LISTEN. ENJOY.

British Write pens Erotic Thriller

Ep. 55 – Great conversation with novelist, Dionne Walters, author of the erotic thriller THE VACATION LODGE. This UK based novelist shares how she got started, her writing ritual and other personal stories.

Sunday Evening News - NSA bitcoin, nazis, gun control

Discussing bitcoin and possible NSA connections, conservatism taking over news coverage, suppressed report about cellphones and your health and other topics. Yes and rant and I throw in the commentary for no extra charge. 

Talking to a Zimbabwean about their Coup

Ep. 54 – NEWS. Talking about the Zimbabwean coup this November. Nyasha (Anonymous) is a college student just returning home to Zimbabwe. She shares her thought on the Coup, economy and current political happenings.

Actress Building Career as indie film maker

Ep. 53 – Actress, writer, producer Shema Jones talks her personal experience with Hollywood's sex predators, life as an indie actress and producer. She's currently producing a psychological, sci-fi piece that she's co-written, co-directing, and starring in under her filmmaking/film-loving hub: fiktiv™ FILMS. 

Gaming Designer talks life in the industry

Ep. 52 – VFX & Lighting artist with 10+yrs experience, Kwamé Babb talks 8 bit video games to Virtual Reality, Black Panther reaction, a fantasy Black Panther video game.

Single Black Woman Adventures

Ep. 51 – Screenplay writer creates webcomic. Abigail Waller by @writerguykev follows single Black women in relationships, politics, etc. Listens as Kevin talks creative process. abigailwallerseries.com/

Your office life in a webcomic

Ep. 50 – Frank Jordan brings up COMPANY MAN webcomic. He series has a Doonesbury vibe with his own worldview. LISTEN as we talk gun control, Trump and other topics. 

Toys that challenges your isms!

Enjoyable conversation with some of the artists exhibiting.
Aim, Destroy, Transform: Play for Change | Exhibit: November 4th - 25th, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 4th, 2017, 3 PM - 6 PM
335 West 38th Street, 4th Floor, New York, New York 10018

Zen warrior avenging father in Galactic conflict

Great conversation with sci-fi author, Latravious Calloway. He talks the graphic novel, philosophy and some politics. Evian a protagonist of color in a young adult graphic novel. This scifi action thriller is developed by Vague Sage.

More from the West African Comics Revolution!

Ep. 49 – TheComicRepublic.com is a worldwide comicbook publisher based in Lagos, Nigeria. TheComicRepublic.com's Jide Martin shares his unique business model that allows free access to his fifteen superhero titles. Listen to their business model and experience. You will grow.

london Film maker on epic Black Panther fan film

JOSE RIVADULLA-REY, critiques epic Black Panther fan film by a marshal arts dojo in Florida, Workhorse Pictures on Youtube. José shares about Black life in London and talks about his own indie film projects.

Time travel as a remedy for oppression

Enjoy a hip conversation with funkadelic (afrofuturism) author Charles Conyers, Jr. We talk his novel Maximilian Emancipation, Trump, the upcoming Confederate cable series. Hear his political theory on Trump-Pelosi presidency.

Sunday October 1, 2017

Black Planets & Family adventures

Very forward thinking children’s books by wonderful mother and daughter team of Natattat Sanatat Em Atum Rayay and Yamarta Ta. They believe in gifting African children a bright future to get lost in. Their minds are as beautiful as their books.

AFrican Samurai from 1500s Japan gets comic

Deranta' Avaloy heads a multimedia company in Atlanta, GA. He's bringing a comic to market based on historic African samurai, Yasuke. He's turned down big money from studios to make his own way. LISTEN.

The team behind viral Black Panther fan film

Black Panther Unleashed Storms of Carnage - an epic fan film with epic violence like The Raid, beautiful dialogue like Rod Serling. We talk to some of the creators from Workhorse Pictures. D.A. Jackson, Stacston Carter and Jeff Moise, join us.

african comics online hub

Comics and gaming are popping in West Africa. I talk with operators of Kugali.com, the web portal for African comics, video games and sci-fi content. We talk about the business side and some politics. Zika and Tolu guest on the show.

Visionary painter talks business and life as art

Ep 41 – Mshindo Kuumba is a painter. He's a visionary. Listen to him expound on business, creating art, being art, comic book illustration and his philosophy. 

Sunday August 20, 2017

Publisher covering genres from Superheroes to Horror

Ep. 40 – Tony Kittrell save lives. By day he’s a Firefighter/EMT, by night the superheroes in his comics save millions of lives in multiple universes. He’s also developing movies based on his characters. 

Sunday August 13, 2017

Chicago illustrator talks the sunny side of success and its shadowy side

Ep. 39 – Ashley A. Woods is a tremendous talent and illustrator and writer. She pencils for Niobe She is Life at Stranger comics and Tomb Raider at Dark Horse. We get a personal glimpse into the woman and artist.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

bar bouncer, comicbook illustrator gives insights about life & comics

Ep. 38 – Chuck Collins is profound, not only is he a prolific writer and illustrator, his has a worldview. Listen as we talk about his comic BOUNCE, based on his life as bouncer in bars in NYC. We also talk police terrorism, the business of comics and the Black Panther movie.

Sunday July 30, 2017

Original writer of matrix, terminator

Ep. 37 – Original broadcast June 2016 – Sophia Stewart is the original author of the Matrix and Terminator franchises. She has won court cases and be awarded damage judgments. Sophia gets into details about the Matrix backstory and gives advice for writers.

Find out why Jamal Patterson is the jimi hendrix of comicbook illustration

Ep. 36 – Jamal Patterson, Illustrator and inker, he talks how he got started and building relationships with indie creators. We talk about his fan base overseas and the hustle it takes to build a brand. He also has his own comic property coming out. At the time of this recording, He’s working on a crazy nautical fantasy comic, for more details, listen.

Sunday July 23, 2017

Wrote the Static Shock Universe bible, Media Mogol and Mentor to Creatives

Ep. 35 – Michael Davis (Milestone, Static Shock) talks about leaving Milestone, his friendship with Dwayne McDuffie (Milestone Media, DC Comics, Justice League Unlimited), San Diego Comic Con 2017 and the Black Panel he organizes. Comedian Wayne Brady might be a new business partner.

Wednesday July 19, 2017

solutions & perspective former fbi agent and professor

Ep. 34 – WEDNESDAY REWIND – Professor Tyrone Powers, PhD talks strategy. He’s a former Baltimore state trooper and FBI agent. Dr. Powers shares solutions and strategies for the African community and talks about his biography EYES TO MY SOUL THE RISE AND DECLINE OF A BLACK FBI AGENT.

Originally aired March 2010

manga & fashion from an african american perspective

Ep. 33 – Norwick Robinson of ENDIGOSOCIETY.COM. He put indigo children concept in manga. He is the creator, writer and entrepreneur behind this multi-media company. He's a young brother, but an old soul. Enjoy the interview.

Sunday July 16, 2017

The Facebook competitor BlaqSpot.com had a rough week, but emerged victorious. CEO of the BlaqSpot, Dariel Clewis, clarifies the unifying purpose of the social media site. I always look at these as State of Union for Black people in America.

Paranormal Romance and CyberFunk novelist

Ep. 32 – WEDNESDAY REWIND – Sin Eaters series is a horror romance series from Kai Leakes. Listen as we discuss her novels, how she got started as a writer and our fav romantic movies.

During the interview we each share read ghost stories, a strange dating story and get a glimpse into how Kai's mind work. Very groovy conversation, you're invited to listen.

Originally aired Jan 2017

Screenwriter who reviews comics and science fiction

Ep. 31 – Martin Reese, an engineer by trade, reviews sci-fi and comics from the African diaspora. He is also a screen writer, movie maker and visionary. Listen as we talk Star Wars, Black Panther and Black indie creators.

Wednesday July 12, 2017

Afrofuturism Space Opera and space invaders on Other Planets

Ep. 30 – Sci-Fi graphic novel about last survivors on an alien invasion. Takes place on the planet Akebulan. Afrofuturism fans, sci-fi fans will love this action adventure comic. Good for kids and adults. Kelvin Gumbs creator, author, illustrator.

Sunday July 9, 2016. Originally aired Oct 2016.

I'm That guy in "300" who went back to Tell the Story

Ep. 00 – How this Black Arts Renaissance inspired someone broadcasting about war and politics to talk about Black comics, fiction and sci-fi. A funny little story that...

Roots of Afrofuturism, graphic novels & Schalorship

Ep. 29 – John Jennings, college professor and fine artist, talks Afrofuturism and its possible roots in Harlem Renaissance, his adaptation of Octavia Butler's Kindred, his comics and comic cons he has organized. We also discuss to purpose of art for a People under Siege, cinematic versions of Luke Cage tv show, was Charles Xavier MLK and Magneto Malcolm X?

Wednesday June 27, 2017 (original recording Oct 2016)

Historic fiction Afrofuturism comic

Ep. 28 – The Brother is a time traveler (imagine Malcolm X + Dr. Who) created by Jay Kelley. Inspired by his father, Jay writes historical fiction where The Brother intervenes in the lives of African people throughout time. This is one of those bar stool convos, drifting from comics to TV shows, to politics. Enjoy.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The BitCoin Interview

Ep. 27 – Sinclair Skinner co-founder of BitMari.com, a bitcoin wallet company. He discusses this cryptocurrency, how bitcoin can be used business and how tech can be leveraged against racist institutions.

Thursday June 22, 2017

Sci-fi fantasy multicultural comic

Ep. 26 - Had the pleasure of talking with Everard McBain Jr, the creator and illustrator of CelFlux. Listen to his journey as an artist, animator and entrepreneur.

New Genesia is the world in peril, sure the global war is over, but peace is another kind of battle. Six super-powered heroes will be tested by threats from the inside and without. Celflux is an epic series, sorta sci-fi, action, fantasy and drama. Wonderful comic for adults, teens, older kids.

Sunday June 18, 2017

Great comicbook series by Dixie Ann and Everard McBain. Six superpowers warriors keep the peace globally on New Genesia. Beautiful art, epic story telling. Enjoy this brief waltk through then go buy the comic. Support this couple, husband and wife team, who are also working on a animation. Enjoy.

When Evil Threatens, Heroes Rise! Watch the all-new trailer for the upcoming independent animated short film based on the graphic novel Celflux Reluctant Heroes.

Paranormal fantasy romance novels

Ep. 25 - Wednesday ReWind. Originally recorded November 2016 - Sci-Fi author of Order of the Seers, Cerece Rennie Murphy, talks alittle Trump, life as a sci-fi writer, New York Comic Con stories and now she's building a platform for sci-fi fans and content creators. Groovy conversation.

Wednesday June 15, 2017

sci-fi fantasy horror comic

Ep. 24 - Supernatural, horror, action comic SUMMONS was created by Chris Williams. His art style is reminiscent of Todd McFarlene (Spawn), his writing style is efficient and effective. Demon slayers, werewolves and hunters are throughout this comic. Listen to the origin of this exciting book and the philosophy behind it. Listen.

Sunday June 11, 2017


business + comics + milestone media

Ep. 23 – Creator of Static Shock and co-founder of Milestone Media, Michael Davis is iconic in African American comics, art and business. Great conversation on how the industry really works and how he helps people succeed in it. This is one of those epic conversations that will make you laugh and think. Listen.

Wednesday June 7, 2017

action historical fantasy comic

Ep. 22 – Creator of Harriet Tubman Demon Slayer. We talk his popular comic property, his acting career and pulling together the people and resource to produces this comic property.

A jewel in this conversation is his audition for a role in Star Wars.

Sunday June 4, 2017

Brilliant illustrator, comic creator Christopher Williams gives us SUMMONS, the supernatural action comic. High school girl fighting demons, police officer chasing werewolves. Shadowy forces pushing them together. Enjoy this walkthrough... but I don't tell you everything. https://www.cdubbart.com/ https://www.comixology.com - search Summons Chris Williams

fantasy socially conscious comics

Ep. 21 - Jacques Nyemb - NotSoSuperComics.com - comics that create conversations. He is a unique comicbook creator. You will find a love and fascination with humanity. If I said (which I did) a hippie created his comics, I wouldn't be too far off. He stories are engaging, his art team is top notch. NOTE: Some stories are adult in nature.

Sunday May 28, 2017

sci-fi diaspora action comics

Ep. 20 - Daejuan Jacobs (engineering, poli sci student) - We talk his Fractal comicbook and Trump foreign policy. Fractal, a security professional uncovers mystery no one wants solved.

Sunday May 21, 2017

Three great comicbook creators join forces to launch the series BLACKOUT THE ERADICATION PROTOCOLS. These creators talk to Johnathan Soul about the importance of messaging in comics. How heroes should be role models. How Black heroes should represent the best in African American culture. Listen to Vince White, Jay Kelley and Roosevelt Pitt tell me how two superheroes appear in the same Powerverse.

sci-fi action comics

Ep. 19 - Jason Reeves of 133Art.com. Illustrator, publisher, husband and father, Jason Reeves of 133Art.com guests on Johnathan Soul Sundays. We talk his comicbook titles like One Nation, F00 Fighters and Kid Carvers. We also discuss diversity vs Ownership was passionately discussed. LISTEN. #comics #superheroes #soldier #military #paragon

Sunday May 14, 2017

sci-fi fantasy novels anthologies

Ep. 18 - Milton Davis is a fantasy novels writer, indie publisher and game designer. We talk his life, novels and the business of publishing. #SwordandSoul #Fantasy #Cyberfunk #Dieselfunk #Steamfunk #roleplayinggames #games

Sunday May 7, 2017

depression & social media

EMERGENCY BROADCAST 4 - Talked to Psychologist about Social Media and depression. People need help. #suicidalthoughts #mentalhealth

Saturday May 6, 2017

purge broman.png

Learn from the black comic renaissance of the 1990s 

Ep. 17 - Listen to Dawud Anyabwile (Brotherman) and Roosevelt Pitts, Jr. (Purge) talk the success and lessons learned.#Business #comics #BlackComics #Brotherman #Purge #indiepublishing #indiecomics #history

Sunday April 30, 2017

black comic icon from 1990

Ep. 16 - Interview with Roosevelt Pitt creator of Purge comic. Since the 90s, Roosevelt has created African American super heroes who inspires the comicbook reader. A veteran of the 90s Black comic renaissance.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


slice of life comic

Ep. 15 - Marcus Kwame Anderson - prolific painter - educator - podcaster. Marcus is an African American illustrator, educator, comic creator and podcast. We talk his life and art. #blackcomics #indiecomics

Sunday Apr 16, 2017

comicbook writer project manager

Ep. 14 – Writer, project manager Alverne Ball brings artists and publishers together. African American writer, project manager Alverne Ball wrote One Nation, Virgin Wolf and Kid Carvers comics. He also wrote crime fiction novel Only the Holy Remain. #blackcomics #indiecomics #crimefiction

Sunday, Apr 9, 2017

slice of life webcomic  

Ep. 13 - Indie screenwriter, webcomic creator - Kevin Sorrell. We enjoy a conversation with the Houston based writer. He created slice of life webcomic The Life and Times of Abigail Waller. He shares his successes in film making, T-Shirt business and his groovy webcomic series. LISTEN. #webcomic #blackcomics #blackwriters

Sunday, Apr 2, 2017

kids book role model  

Ep. 13 - Saving kids from the System - Ronnie Sidney, MSW outpatient therapist. From Special Ed to Master's of Social Work. Ronnie Sidney talks ADHD, African American youth and PTSD, successes with his therapy, comics and lectures. LISTEN. #childrensbooks #socialwork #specialeduation

Sunday, Mar 26, 2017

social commentary: missing girls

EMERGENCY BROADCAST 3 – How to prevent missing kids - Give a F - - - . Missing girls, teenagers in the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area. Critical Missing girls. Missing persons.

Wednesday, Mar 22, 2017

thriller young adult novels

Ep 12 - Thriller novelist Lamar Giles mystifies young adult audiences. He is the author of the 2015 Edgar® Award Nominee FAKE ID, a second YA thriller ENDANGERED, and the forthcoming YA novel OVERTURNED. #YAfiction #YA #youngadult #novels #thriller #fiction

Sunday, Mar 19, 2017

movie review by psychotherapist

Ep. 11 Psychotherapist analyzes Get Out movie - Stacy McCoy, LCPC. We imagine what kind of therapy the #GetOut protagonist would need before and after the weekend with the parents. 

Thursday, Mar 18, 2017

vampires thriller drama humor comic 

Ep. 10 Vampire Tattoo artist creator Keef Cross - Day Black comicbook. Keef Cross, Atlanta based fine artist, tattoo artist and creator of the vampire comic Day Black. Keef shares how he developed a graphic novel about a vampiric tattoo artist. He talks how well the book has been received and future plans for the comic property. LISTEN. #blackcomics #indiecomics #horrorcomics

Friday May 12, 2017

Horror mystery novels

Ep. 9 Horror novels from Atlanta - Brandon Massey. Award winning horror and thriller novelist, Brandon Massey discusses his career in scarring readers to death. We dabble into a little politics before getting into his string of hit horror novels. Why are so manny African American women into horror? What makes Brandon's style unique? What is it like leaving a major publisher and going independent? Advise for writers.

Friday Mar 5, 2017

thriller detective novels

Ep. 8 - Crimefiction writer Guy Sims - from Comics to Detective novels. Guy Sims is the writer of Brotherman comics writer and detective novel series The Cold Cases of Duke Denim. Guy has an artful noir style and details the city harden detective Duke Denim of Big City. The four novels cover various cold cases Duke was brought in to solve. If you enjoy African America culture and multi-layered writing, you will love Guy's work. Guy's style is above labels, has a noir flavor. 

Saturday Feb 25, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 7.35.04 PM.png

sword & soul fantasy sci-fi comics

Ep. 7 Magic Swords and comics with Malik Shabazz. Magic, swords, witches, alien races and mystical technology is what you'll find in the comic "The Sword is my Lady, the Lady is My Sword" by Malik Shabazz. We talk about his comic book series snd being an indie creator. We also so talk about his critique of the Netflix series "Luke Cage". Its the the most epic rant. Malik also shares his technical process in terms of how he writes, sketches and the equipment he uses. You can buy digital and physical comics.

Saturday Feb 18, 2017

online comic shop

Ep. 6 We talk with with Imani Lateef who owes an online comicbook shop. Imani Lateef is the owner and operator of PeepGameComix. This African American owned online comicshop was a solution to the problem of finding African American comicbooks. Listens as Imani shares his business successes and lessons learned.

Saturday Feb 11, 2017

horror thriller comic

Ep. 5 Horror comic writer Greg Anderson-Elysee. This graphic novel (comicbook) is a horror - coming of age son of the god Anansi, the spider of story telling. Is'Nana arrives on Earth. He battles other gods and gets entangled in human lives. Greg studied voodun which lead to this comic.

Greg is also a film snob and we count down his fav horror films. Its an obscure list, you'll learn something in this interview. LISTEN.

Saturday Feb 4, 2017

paranormal romance novels

Ep. 4 Kai Leakes - Sin Eaters horror romance. Paranormal Romance author talks vampires and we each share REAL life ghost stories. Sin Eaters series is a horror romance series from Kai Leakes. Listen as we discuss her novels, how she got started as a writer and our fav romantic movies.

Saturday Jan 21, 2017

sci-fi humor afromfuturism comics

Ep. 3 – Ted Lange IV sketch comedy writer, makes Warp Zone comicbook. Warp Zone comic creator Ted Lange IV is sketch comedy writer, who added comicbook creation to his super powers.

We talk about the comedy writing process, Dr Who other diversions. Ted created epic comic called WARP ZONE. Is kinda like Hitchhikers Guide + De La Soul meets Doctor Who.

Monday Jan 16, 2017

fantasy sci-fi

Ep.2 Johnathan Soul - author CE Allan talks Trump & Sci-Fi. Sci-Fi writer CE Allan, best selling author discussion his novel The Ancient Ones: Prophesy of the Ilat. CE is familiar with Zecharia Sitchin's work and Hallow Earth theory inspires this work. We also talk Trump, living abroad and the writing process.

Monday Jan 16, 2017

online entrepreneurship + expats

Ep. 1 – Soulmates & Business partners from DC to Colombia. Mitch & Donna join Johnathan Soul and share how they met (they'll make you believe in soulmates), how they got into online businesses and living abroad.

Monday Jan 15, 2017