magic worker

SUPER BLACK REVIEW of Avònòmè is a woman with spiritual sight and powers fighting the forces of evil. Creator Stanley Obende. Great art, wonderful text and plot, three issues out now.

The Comic Republic - a web portal from Nigeria. Professionally done comics (english) and all for free to read and download. Get the comic for FREE: - for interview with sci-fi and comicbook creators from Africans from around the World.

deciphering panther

WE LOVED THE MOVIE. EACH OF US SAW IT TWICE. Now, what Are the Political and Social subtext in #BlackPanther movies. Who are the historical analogs for Eric Killmonger and T’Challa?

Jay Kelley (comic creator, playwright) joins me to decode #Wakanda! We weave in WEB DuBois, Ozymandias from Watchmen, identity and class into our analysis. A great conversation. Mad Spoilers! Here’s Jay Kelley’s comic: For interviews with creators in comics and science-fiction:


SUPER BLACK Comicbook review -- Immortal warriors living amongst, gods in human form. An old enemy comes for vengeance. The Eight by Abdul H. Rashid, creator/writer/publisher. He has an incredible art style and heavy storyline. Enjoy this review. Available at and NOW! for interviews with comic writers, illustrators, film makers and actors in the sci-fi space.